We are the go-to production company because we not only produce high-standard media work and foster trusting relationships, but we do it with the unique style, that Daniel Roemer is known for. We are a breeding ground for talent, and value people development.


Through fifteen years of work in the entertainment industry, Daniel Roemer has established strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike. As a result, Daniel knows a large roster of people who like working with him and want to hire him for his unique style of storytelling imprinted on their film or video. Requests for writing, directing, editing and all forms of digital media have been rapidly increasing over the last six months.

Some clients have large, future long-term contacts, some maintain a very personal connection to Daniel, and have smaller budgets. As a result, Daniel’s has formed this company, the natural solution to create flow of quality work while still maintaining that trusted artistic touch, (leveraging the network of talent (editors, directors, writers, etc.) creating efficient work for all. Clients get to hire Daniel and his trusted network through Zero Gravity Media.